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Congratulations! You have been elected as a candidate for membership in the Order of the Arrow, but your journey has just begun.


You have been elected by your peers not only only for what you have done, but also for what you are expected to do in serving the welfare of others.


The Ordeal weekend will offer a unique opportunity for you to reflect on your personal commitment to the principles and purposes of Scouting. The
weekend is undertaken by every new candidate as a meaningful experience
that will not be forgotten.

You MUST complete your Ordeal to become a member in our Order.

Items to have packed and ready for the Ordeal Friday night:


Medications (if applicable) - Inform those in charge of check-in on Friday night if you have prescribed medications.

Back pack for carrying your gear
Sleeping bag
Ground cloth (durable tarp)
Wet weather gear
Basic toiletries/towel
Field Uniform (Full “Class A”)
Pocket knife
Durable work clothes including gloves, hat, and boots
Canteen/Bottle/Camel Back
Insect repellent


Other items needed for the remainder of the weekend:

Cash for Trading Post (exclusive items available for members)


Other clothing appropriate for the weather!

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