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2021 Online Charter Renewal Instruction

Preparing for Charter Renewal

  • Appoint someone to manage the process of recharter
  • Get your Renewal site access code from your COR or Committee Chair  (or Unit Commissioner)
  • Check Member Manager in to confirm all scouts and adults are registered 
  • Confirm all adults have current Youth Protection Training (YPT2)
  • Confirm accurate email addresses for each Unit Key 3 member (Charter Rep., Committee Chair, Scoutmaster/Cubmaster)
  • Review South Plains Council Internet Recharter Instructions
  • Have all adults fill out and sign a Background Check Form
  • Arrange to get signatures from Unit Leader and Institution Head / Charter Rep.
  • Plan to complete turn-in before December 13, 2019 to avoid lapse in membership

The Charter Renewal Process

Access the BSA Charter Renewal Website

  • Click "Click here for internet recharter" button above to access the site

Register for Access

  • From the renewal site, select FIRST TIME USER
    • Everyone on their first time must select this​
  • Enter your 2019 access code, select your unit type and enter your 4 digit unit number
    • If your unit is Pack 123, you enter 0123​
  • Click CONTINUE​
  • Agree to the Confidentiality Statement
  • Enter Unit Charter Coordinator information and set a password (write down and save it) click REGISTER

Complete the Five Stages of Renewal

  • Follow the prompts and complete all information requested
    • The Five Stages Include: Load Roster, Update Roster, Check Roster, Summary, Submit Roster​
  • You can stop at any time, log off, and continue​
    • Access as a Returning User, and use your unit access code and password set when you first registered​
  • Confused? Click on the "Click Here for Help!" button to get a step by step guide

Submit Roster and Paperwork for Submission

  • Your Institutional Head can sign online electronically. Complete this step before final Submit Roster step. Otherwise, a physical signature is required
  • You may pay online using a credit card (additional processing fees apply) or by submitting a check to the Council
    • Fees are $5.50 a month for youth and $3.50 a month per adult, plus $1 a year insurance ($67 per youth, $43 per adult). Boy's Life is an additional $12, and every unit has to pay a $75 Charter Fee​ 
  • Click "Submit to Council" to finish the process. Your unit is now queued for Charter Renewal processing! All that's left to be completed is submitting paperwork​
  • Download the Cover Page the "Unit Charter Renewal Package", and the "Summary Renewal Report EZ" for your records
  • Print the Cover Page and "Summary Renewal Report EZ" to turn in for processing
  • Complete the Checklist for Finalized Charter Renewal on the next page
  • Turn in completed paperwork, payment, and applications to the Scout Office.
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