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8/13, Saturday

8/29, Thursday

9/10, Saturday

10/28, Friday

10/31, Monday

11/12, Saturday

12/2, Friday

Council Popcorn Kickoff

Show 'N' Sell Orders Due*

Show 'N' Sell Pick Up

Show 'N' Sell Returns Due

Door to Door Orders Due

Door to Door Pick Up

Popcorn Money Due to Council



Base Commission

Early Kernel Sign Up (Aug. 1) 

Attend Council Kickoff 

Hold a Unit Kickoff

Total Possible Commission






Welcome to the South Plains Council Popcorn Page! We hope that this page will provide you with all the information regarding popcorn that you need. If you are a Unit Popcorn Kernel please click the button to register if you have not already. Also available are the Calendar, 2016 Commission, and other resources . Feel free to read, download, and print out anything that you find on here that is useful. 


We will be updating this page as we release more information regarding popcorn. If you have any questions regarding popcorn, feel free to contact Chris Brown at the office number 806-747-2631 or by email. Thank you for participating in the 2016 Popcorn sell!

Did you know?


Broken cases! In the 2015 Popcorn Sale, each Pack, Troop, or Crew will now order by individual bags/tins. Whatever you order will be yours, and there will be no overages. This applies only to Door-to-Door sales. 

Popcorn Sales

Calendar 2016

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