Cub Scouts


The Cub Scout program is for boys in first through fifth grades.


Cub Scouting at the Wolf and Bear levels (first through third grades) is for younger boys, while the Webelos program is geared for fourth and fifth graders. The programs at all levels give boys an opportunity to meet new people, learn valuable skills, and have plenty of fun.


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Examples of the Scouting fun to be had in these programs include an annual Pinewood Derby in which boys build and race their own wooden cars for prizes. Cubs and Webelos are organized in to dens, which are small groups of boys of the same age that meet at den members' houses to work on achievements and activities. There are always new experiences that can include quality time with parents. 

Several dens make up each pack. Packs have meetings about once a month, giving opportunities for the boys to show off skits and songs, play games, and receive awards, pins and patches for their work.  

Cub Scouting is all about growth, learning, fun and achievement.  No one ever regrets their time spent in Cub Scouting!