The Tasiwoo chapter is the only chapter with a name that differentiates from the district name. Tasiwoo makes up most of Lubbock County and comprises a large number of the units in the Council. It is also the home of the Lott Service Center, the building that houses the offices, Scout Shop, and central meeting room for the Council.


The Chapter Chief for Tasiwoo is 


For more information, see the Chaparral District site.


Tasiwoo chapter meetings are held in conjunction with the district round tables and all arrowmen are encouraged to attend, more information on these can be found on the Chaparral District site.






Comanche Trails


The Comanche Trails District covers most of the eastern portion of the Council, and includes most of Floyd County, as well as encompassing Crosby, Motley, Dickens, Garza and Kent Counties.


The Chapter Chief for Comanche Trails is 


For more information, see the Comanche Trails District site.







George White


The George White District spans most of Lamb County, and also encompasses Bailey, Cochran and Hockley Counties.


The Chapter Chief for George White is Jeffrey Young II


For more information, see the George White District site.










The Haynes District forms the northern border of the South Plains Council, including Castro, Swisher, Briscoe counties and most of Hale County, as well as a small portion of Floyd and Lamb counties as shown. The area serves a large number of rural scouts.


The Chapter Chief for Haynes is. 


For more information, see the Haynes District site.







Quanah Parker


The Quanah Parker District covers the South Plains Council's southeastern corner and includes all of Yoakum, Terry, Lynn, Gaines and Dawson counties.


For more information, see the Quanah Parker District web site.