Scoutmasters, Assistants and Scouters,
I am honored and humbled to have been asked to lead this year's Camp-o-ree for a second year.
Spring is upon us and time for us to sharpen those scout skills that make camping fun.
On to the details.
This year our Council Camp-o-ree with be held at Camp Post the weekend of April 28th.  Troops are welcome to come out Friday night and set up camp and plan for a early start the following morning.  All activities will take place on Saturday and conclude at the evening's campfire to accommodate any troops that need to return home after the contest. We will be serving lunch, which the cost will be included in the registration fee. Registration opens 1 month prior to the event (March 27th).
For some of you Scoutmasters that enjoyed this competitive event and camaraderie as a youth I hope most of the programming looks familiar.  If you were not in the scouting program as a boy I am going to return this years camporee to some familiar scout skill activities with a twist and introduce some that I have never had the opportunity to exercise.
I'm going to make it easy on some this year by giving you the test in advance.  That's right you will have the entire program and schedule in advance so you can prepare your patrols accordingly.  The details will include the tentative time schedule and the standard that is expected at each station and how it will be scored.
At this time I want to recognize Troop 505 from last year that came out to Camp-o-ree and set a high bar in several trials and when home in victory.  By the way, with victory come the spoils.  Troop 505 will be presented with a plaque that will be added to our council Camp-o-ree trophy.
On to the challenge.
-Patrol Inspection / Uniform / Flag
-Campsite Inspection
-Fire Building
-Knot Tying / Lashing
-First Aid

Bonus: Dutch Oven Desert Cook Off
Take Away Activity:  Details will be presented at Round Table only and the morning of Camp-o-ree.  Plan on attending one Round Table either March or April.
In order for you to get FREE advice, or an advance copy of the Camp-o-ree details you must pick it up at the March Round Table or download it from the Council Website on Friday March 9th.  Round table this month is Thursday March 8th.  If you feel your patrols need extra time to prepare and hone their skill set please take this opportunity to attend or send your SPL to represent your Troop and pick up the information you may need.
Good Luck and I hope to see you soon and will look forward to seeing all our Troops in April.
Yours in Scouting,
Brian Spallholz